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6 Small Business Print Essentials

Small Business Print Essentials

Are you a startup company trying to grow or build your brand? Regardless of your budget, our list of key small business print essentials can help you plan and grow! To work with us at discoverprint, you don’t need to be a big, well-established company. As a matter of fact, we strive to ensure that companies of all sizes are able to use our products. 

We have put together a list of essential items that, when purchased together, will only set you back about £100! We’ll detail the benefits these products offer to your small business so you can determine what’s crucial for growth and whether they’re all suited for you.

Business Cards for Small Business

business card

Efficient and uncomplicated, they are essentials for any enterprise, big or small. We provide an extensive collection of personalised business cards to fit your preferences. Having one card that best captures what you and your small business represent is essential for your business because consistency is key in this situation. 

We provide superior business cards that are likely to wow your friends and clients in addition to our traditional selections that can never go wrong. Remember that although being referred to as business cards, they are actually a very affordable form of small-scale advertising. These are fantastic as wallet-sized offer cards, jewellery backing cards, loyalty cards, and appointment cards.

Why it matters: These are essential for building your brand and for networking. They provide your company with instant credibility and reputation.

Letterheads for Small Business


Any business, albeit small or large must have custom letterheads. These headers serve as a representation of your company’s professionalism in printed or written correspondence. They usually include your firm name, logo, address, contact details.

Why it matters: These materials, like business cards, are essential for representing your brand and bolstering the authority of your official correspondence.

Flyers for Small Business


Flyers are among our more versatile items; the sheer number of options available to you means there are countless ways they might benefit your small business. For starters, try our traditional flyers, but depending on your needs, we also have more customised options. Waterproof menus for pubs and restaurants, or environmentally acceptable biodegradable Kraft flyers are some of the few options.

Why it matters: One of the simplest and most efficient ways to spread a message is via flyers. These are frequently seen as extensive marketing campaigns, like mailers, or as upgrades for small businesses, such as new products, promotions, or business trading alterations. One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to reach your customers is through flyers.

PVC-Free Banners for Small Business


We’ve chosen to provide a PVC-Free option in addition to our regular PVC Banners because these banners are frequently used temporarily. Both are of the same high calibre and durability, but the removal of the PVC makes them 100% recyclable.

Why it matters: These are very practical and successful advertising tactics. Suitable for both short- and long-term advertising initiatives, whether they are employed inside or outside of your company’s walls.

Branded t-shirts for Small Business

branded T-shirts

Contrary to popular belief, adding your brand or logo to custom uniforms is quite easy. Give a professional look to your employees with a range of custom clothes that suits your working conditions.

Why it matters: Establishing credibility and properly presenting your brand are crucial for every business that interacts with the public. As a result, your staff members become mobile ambassadors for your company and assist build its reputation.

Customised Mugs for Small Business

customised mugs

For a more relaxed branding strategy, branded mugs are an ideal option. They can be offered at events or conferences or used for that first cup of coffee after arriving at work; some would even argue that this makes them an essential office supply. Matching the colour of your mug to your branding is a great way to maximise its impact. 

Why it matters: Because mug is a useful product, clients will be exposed to your branding each time they use it, which in turn will help them remember your small business. It’s also a fantastic idea to have extra mugs in your office, there’s always someone who wants a new cup every time they have a fresh cup of coffee.

That’s it: starter marketing kit for approximately a ton (based on amounts at the time of writing). If you want to start working on these for your company right now but lack the necessary design expertise, worry not, we have got you covered. Simply select the design option on the product page, and we will handle the product design for you. With our online design tools, you can also create your own designs. Just upload your logo and place it wherever you’d like on the canvas. ugs, bags, aprons, mousemats, coasters, and canvases.

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