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12 Best Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Start in 2023

12 Best Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Start in 2023

As 2023 approaches, new business prospects are arising and the entrepreneurial spirit is blooming. Aspiring business owners have a multitude of small business ideas to consider given the constantly shifting nature of technology, market trends, and economic conditions.

If you’re wanting to launch your own business in 2023, we’ve put together a list of 12 small business ideas that are suitable for a range of abilities, passions, and financial commitments. For individuals willing to take the risk, these concepts—which range from local services to online businesses—offer the possibility of success and financial freedom.

12 Best Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Start in 2023

12 Best Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Start in 2023

Online tutoring

The demand for personalised learning experiences and the ease of online platforms have propelled tremendous growth in the field of online tutoring in recent years. As an online instructor, you can use your subject-area knowledge and experience to support students from all over the world in achieving their academic objectives. Online tutoring may be a successful and rewarding business venture for people with a passion for teaching and helping others because you have the freedom to choose your own hours and fees.

You might want to start your online tutoring experience by looking into websites like, Chegg Tutors, and Wyzant. These platforms link teachers and students in need of help, handling the marketing and administrative tasks so that you may concentrate on giving excellent sessions. You can set up a profile exhibiting your credentials, teaching style, and availability so that potential students can find you and schedule lessons.

As you gain a reputation for providing effective and interesting tutoring, you might eventually draw in additional pupils and even get recommendations from pleased consumers.

Another strategy for launching your online tutoring business is to build your own website and advertise your offerings on it as well as in online forums and social media, or your own Youtube channel.

Custom illustrations and artwork

If you’re an accomplished artist or illustrator, think about making illustrations and bespoke artwork for customers. Your artistic abilities have a wide range of applications, from custom portraits and wall art to book illustrations and branding designs. Create a portfolio to show off your special talents and flair, and advertise your products and services on your website, social networking platforms, and online shops like Etsy. Speak with local galleries, bookshops, and companies to see if there are any collaborative options.

Example: By producing personalised images for a variety of clientele, including greeting card firms and private individuals, artist and illustrator Heather Stillufsen has effectively created her brand.

Social Media Management

Due to the need of building a strong online presence, social media management has become a crucial part of contemporary corporate strategy. By curating and developing content that engages audiences and encourages brand loyalty, social media managers may assist businesses as they navigate the always-evolving environment of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Your skills in this area can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line and help them reach their target audience more successfully, from developing social media campaigns to analysing performance indicators.

You can create a portfolio displaying your abilities in content development, visual design, and audience engagement to get started as a social media manager. This could entail running your own social media pages, offering your services to neighbourhood firms or organisations, or finishing pertinent online training programmes and certifications.

You can approach small firms and entrepreneurs in need of social media management services once you have built a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. Your reputation will develop as you show that you can increase their online presence and encourage interaction, creating new opportunities and enduring client relationships. You may play a significant part in supporting businesses in connecting with their audience and achieving their marketing objectives as a social media manager.

Home-based bakery:

For those with a love of baking and a knack for crafting delectable delicacies, opening a home-based bakery can be a rewarding and successful business venture. As a home baker, you can produce a range of goods to suit the tastes and preferences of your neighbourhood, from bread and pastries to cakes and cookies. A home-based bakery can distinguish itself in the face of rising consumer demand for artisanal and regionally produced items by providing distinctive, high-quality goods that are always fresh and appealing to a broad clientele.

You must check that your kitchen complies with local food safety rules and secure any relevant permits or licences before starting your home-based baking business. The next step is to create a menu of goods that highlights your baking prowess and appeals to your target market on social media.

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Virtual assistant services:

The need for virtual assistant services is increasing as organisations continue to adjust to the digital environment. Virtual assistants help firms and entrepreneurs keep organised, manage their schedules, and perform a variety of tasks by offering a range of administrative and support services. Virtual assistants may be a great resource for their customers, assisting them with everything from managing email inboxes and organising appointments to maintaining social media accounts and conducting research so they can concentrate on their main business goals.

You’ll need to build a strong set of administrative and organisational abilities as well as experience with numerous software and web tools in order to launch your virtual assistant business. You might think about enrolling in online classes or being certified in fields like project management, data entry, and customer service to strengthen your skillset.

You can meet potential clients and pick up industry knowledge by networking on business-oriented websites like LinkedIn and by joining virtual assistant communities. You can create a successful virtual assistant business that gives clients ongoing support and helps to their overall success by providing dependable, effective, and professional services.

Freelance writing:

Freelancing presents a wealth of chances for people with a talent for producing engaging and compelling material. As a freelance writer, you can produce content for clients in many different industries, such as blog posts, articles, marketing copy, and social media postings. The demand for qualified writers is always growing as businesses see the value of high-quality content for attracting and retaining consumers, increasing website traffic, and building brand authority.

Before you can begin a freelance writing career, you must build a portfolio that showcases your writing skills and versatility across a number of topics and styles. Using online platforms to connect with other writers and potential clients, you could create your own blog, make guest posts for other websites, or even write articles for local publications.

Pet sitting and dog walking:

Pet owners who require consistent and predictable care for their cherished pets frequently turn to services like pet sitting and dog walking. As a dog walker or pet sitter, you can provide services like dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight care to make sure that animals are well-cared for and receive the attention they need while their owners are gone or otherwise occupied.

In order to begin a pet sitting and dog walking business, you must genuinely love animals and have a thorough understanding of their needs and behaviours. By networking with local pet owners, veterinarians, and pet-related businesses, you can draw clients and establish a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy pet care provider. As you gain experience and positive feedback, your pet-sitting and dog-walking business may grow, providing a valuable service to your community and letting you pursue a fulfilling career.

Digital marketing services:

As businesses look to reach their target audience through online channels like social media, search engines, and email, digital marketing has become an essential component of modern company strategy. As digital marketer, you can assist companies in developing and implementing efficient marketing strategies that boost website traffic, lead generation, and sales. Your skills can have big impact on company’s bottom line and overall growth in areas including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) , social media marketing, and content marketing.

You must build a solid foundation of knowledge and abilities in a variety of digital marketing disciplines before you can launch your own digital marketing company. To increase your knowledge, you might think about enrolling in online classes, going to workshops, or earning certifications. Possessing a portfolio of profitable marketing initiatives and client endorsements might help you convince prospective customers of your expertise.

You can attract clients and expand your business by networking with other digital marketing experts and contacting companies in need of your services. You may play a significant part in assisting firms in navigating the constantly changing online environment and achieving their marketing objectives as digital marketer.

Event preparation:

For people who love to plan and coordinate special occasions, event planning is an exciting and lucrative career option. Event planners manage all steps of the planning process, including venue selection, food, entertainment, and décor, helping their clients’ goals come to life for everything from weddings and corporate events to birthday parties and charity fundraisers. The success of each event you plan and the delight of your clients may be attributed to your inventiveness, attention to detail, and capacity for working under pressure.

You’ll need to hone your organisational and problem-solving skills as well as have a solid understanding of event management principles before you can launch your own event planning company. You can develop your knowledge and contacts by working in a related field, such as catering or hospitality, or by volunteering or interning with seasoned event planners. Potential clients can see how capable you are by perusing your portfolio of accomplished events and reading client endorsements.

You may build your brand and gain clients for your event planning business by networking with regional suppliers, venues, and other event professionals. As an event planner, you have the opportunity to build a successful business while giving your customers and their guest’s experiences they will never forget.

Photography services

For those with a passion for collecting and preserving memories through photos, photography is a creative and gratifying line of work. As a professional photographer, you can work with clients in a variety of niches and industries, such as product photography, corporate events, family pictures, and weddings. You may stand out from the competition and assist generate amazing, high-quality photographs that your clients will treasure by utilising your artistic vision, technical expertise, and capacity to connect with your subjects.

You’ll need to make an investment in high-quality gear and gain a thorough understanding of photography’s fundamental concepts, methods, and post-processing if you want to launch a successful photography business. You may draw clients and show your versatility as a photographer by creating a wide portfolio that demonstrates your abilities and style across many themes and genres.

You may build your reputation and expand your photography business by interacting with potential customers on social media, attending industry events, and networking with other photographers. You can make a great career out of your passion for preserving life’s special moments as a professional photographer.

Online courses and coaching

Those with competence in a particular subject or talent have a multitude of opportunities thanks to the rising demand for online education and professional development. Through virtual workshops, webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions, you can impart your knowledge and assist others in realising their goals as an online course creator or coach. Regardless of whether your area of expertise is business, technology, health and wellness, or artistic endeavours, you may produce worthwhile educational content that appeals to a wide audience throughout the world.

You must plan and prepare your instructional content to ensure that it is interesting, educational, and well-structured before you can launch your online coaching and course businesses. You can offer your information in an efficient and expert manner by using a variety of online platforms and tools, including video conferencing software, learning management systems, and presentation tools.

You may draw in students and clients by developing a strong online presence through social media, blogging, and networking with other business people in your field. You may make a difference in people’s lives and succeed in your own business by sharing your passion and knowledge with others as an online course designer or coach.

 Graphic design services

Businesses from many sectors need visually appealing and successful designs for their promotional materials, websites, and goods, making graphic design versatile and in-demand expertise. You can assist clients in communicating their message and developing a distinctive visual identity by working with them to produce logos, branding materials, social media graphics, and more as a freelance graphic designer. The success of your graphic design company can be attributed to your originality, technical proficiency, and capacity to comprehend the needs of your customers.

You’ll need to build a solid foundation of design concepts, software expertise, and market understanding before you can launch your graphic design firm. You may draw clients and show your adaptability as a designer by creating a diversified portfolio that highlights your design abilities and style across various projects.

You may build your reputation and expand your graphic design firm by interacting with potential clients online and through social media, attending industry events, and networking with other designers. You can make a successful and happy profession out of your passion for visual communication and creativity as a freelance graphic designer.


Small business success in 2023 has a plethora of different options. There is a chance for you to start a viable and successful business, regardless of whether you have a passion for education, health and wellness, or assisting others in reaching their objectives. Examine these 20 small business concepts while keeping in mind your individual skills, passions, and local market demands. You can realise your business goal and take charge of your financial destiny in 2023 if you are determined, work hard, and are willing to learn and adapt.

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