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How much do business cards cost Ireland?

The cost of business cards in Ireland can depend on several factors, such as the type of paper used, Lamination, the size of the cards, finish and the turnaround time for production.
How much do business cards cost Ireland?

The cost of 500 Business cards full coloured, 400gsm silk card paper, matt laminated with 48hr dispatch time is €36 including delivery.

Different businesses have different type of print requirement for their business cards but the most common business cards are 85mm X 55mm business cards on 400gsm silk paper with Matt lamination.

How much do business cards cost Ireland?

Factors on which the cost of business cards printing in Ireland depends

  1. Size of the cards
  2. Paper used for cards
  3. Type of Finish
  4. Lamination type for the business cards
  5. Turnaround time for Printing

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Size of Business cards

Business cards Size is also a factor in deciding the cost of the cards in Ireland. If you printing the most used size 85mm X 55mm then the cost for print will be cheapest, while the size like 90mm x 50mm business cards can be a bit higher and so as for other sizes like square or folded cards.

Paper Used for Cards

Mostly business cards are printed on 350/400 gsm silk paper and are most economical as well due to wide use of it across businesses. But if you need paper other than this like craft paper or uncoated paper, then the cost can be higher. We print cards on 400gsm silk, uncoated and craft paper.

Type of Finish

Type of finish is also a deciding factor for the business cards cost. Square corner cards are standard and cheaper while rounded corner cards can be a bit expensive.


We at discoverprint offer matt lamination on the cards without charging anything extra, while the cost of the cards will be different depends upon the type of lamination is used on these. For example matt lamination, gloss lamination, Spot UV, Gold silver Foils lamination and so on.

Turnaround Time

Most of business cards printing companies offers 4-5 days dispatch time on the standard business cards and some companies which looks much cheaper can have even higher. We at discoverprint offer 48hr dispatch turnaround on the business cards and delivery is free.

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To conclude, there is no fix cost for business cards but it depends upon the above mentioned factors and mainly calculated while you placing an order online.

Order your business cards online here with us.

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