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Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards: A Guide

This article contains the rules and regulations on how you can use social media icons on business cards.
Business Cards with social media icons

An excellent first step towards getting business from new contacts is to know how to use social media icons into your business card design.

Our goal is to produce the most impactful print possible, thus this post will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate social media into your business card design in a unique and potent way.

Why should your business cards have social media icons?

Over the past ten years, communication methods have transformed drastically. It is crucial to keep up with the ever evolving field of marketing in order to maximise your business growth. In earlier days, your website would have been the first destination for your clients. Even though your website URL should always be included, certain clients may be more likely to visit your social media pages than your standard contact details.

After all, a sizable portion of your audience may find it less intimidating to participate in conversation online. The great majority of your clients are already using them.

Therefore, it takes very little effort on their side to inquire about your business on social media. Contacting through mail would prove to be more hassling to you and your client, like switching platforms and writing a more thoughtful response. If your client just wants to inquire about basic service information, then calling is not a better option because unlike social media inquiry, calling your phone number would demand a deeper grasp of what they want from your brand.

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Branding your business cards with social media icons transforms them into:

  • Practical
  • Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Trustworthy


Using icons on your business cards gives your clients an appealing, modern, and non-committal call to action. Rather than asking them to phone you on your mobile or seek a quote, giving them access to your social media sites creates a less pressured setting for them to learn more about your business.


The great majority of your clients use social media. Thus, it will take the least amount of effort from them if you leave your platform names on your business card. This is a quick way to demonstrate to your clients that your company is progressive, engaging company that understands the significance of maintaining their interest. Modern channels of communications such as social media allow you to:

  • Engage with clients more easily
  • Build online networks
  • Advertise and sell your art


Most people can spot social media icons right away. Billion people use them, and moreover add a striking element to your business card design. Adding these icons to your website increases the likelihood that users will recall you when they need your services in future. Your social media tags will stick in people’s minds longer than your website address.


You can prove to your clients that your company is a multifaceted, professional enterprise by giving them access to additional accounts, where they can access more information. Providing them with the ability to verify your company and your work will further them reassurance.

One advantage of social media account details on business cards is that the recipient can check your business right away. It’s a fantastic method for your clients to view the exclusive content you offer and find out more details with not much effort.

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Legal Guidelines for Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards

The registered trademark of each company is represented by its social media logo. It is doubtful that printing a distorted or corrupted rendition of the logo will result in legal action. However, it’s a good idea to adhere to each brand’s style requirements. It will also make you seem more professional and increase the icon’s brand recognition, which will keep you in their good graces.

Here are a few important recommendations for the most popular social media icons for business cards; each part includes a link to more information.


Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards: A Guide

  • Only show the logo in Twitter blue or white. You can use black for certain exceptions but may need approval.
  • Don’t alter, rotate or modify the logo.
  • Don’t animate the logo by making it talk, chirp or fly.
  • Use the most updated version of the logo possible.
  • The minimum width of the social icon is 32px.

You can click this link to get additional details about your Twitter logo for business cards.


Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards: A Guide

  • The Facebook wordmark cannot be used; however, the “F” logo can.
  • The icon’s dimensions, colour, and form must all be maintained.
  • The icon must have enough room around it to be readable.
  • Refrain from animating or creating real-world items that resemble the “F” emblem.

You can click this link to get additional details about your Facebook logo for business cards.


Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards: A Guide

  • As long as the design remains the same, you can alter the Instagram icon to any solid colour.
  • Do not make your Instagram profile the most noticeable or unique aspect of your brand.
  • Make sure the “I” is capitalised and has the same font style and size as the text around it.
  • Ensure that the icon’s dimensions never go below 29 x 29 pixels.

You can click this link to get additional details about your Instagram logo for business cards.


Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards: A Guide

  • To keep the logo apart from other text, graphics, and photos, leave some space around it. The space must match or exceed the icon’s triangle’s dimensions.
  • The minimum height required for printing is 0.125 in (3.1mm).
  • Don’t change the logo’s design.
  • Use a monochrome or full-color logo.
  • The triangle must always be white in full-color icons. In the case of monochrome icon, the triangle is removed so that the backdrop is visible.

You can click this link to get additional details about your YouTube logo for business cards.


Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards: A Guide

  • To ensure legibility, this logo should only be imitated in blue, black, or white, depending on the colour of the background it is placed on.
  • The logo must be at least 0.25 inches (6.35 mm) in size for printing, or 21 pixels on screen.
  • Don’t change or alter the logo in any way.

You can click this link to get additional details about your LinkedIn logo for business cards.

Note: It’s crucial that all of the social network icons you use on your business cards have the same height, width, and resolution. As previously mentioned, each social media icon has a specified amount of space that needs to be left clear.

Business Cards with QR codes for social media

Using Social Media Icons on Business Cards: A Guide

‘Follow us on..’ is a standard marketing message. How about adding a QR code to your business cards so that your clients have a quick and easy way to access your social media profiles? Using this method is quick, easy, and error-free compared to having them look for you by hand.

You’re now prepared to take the world by storm with a stunningly crafted business card that cleverly incorporates social media icons. Just make sure all of your content is fantastic, relevant, and up to date!

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